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Two men have been jailed over a plot to import heroin worth £37.2m in a specially adapted car.

Unaware that they were already being watched by the National Crime Agency (NCA) Noman Qureshi drove from his home in Bradford to Luton to pick up Israr Khan before travelling to east London in December.

The Jaguar, which had been shipped to the UK from Pakistan, was due to be delivered to a repairer in north London but Qureshi, 32, called the delivery driver and told him to take it to a garage in Dagenham instead.

Investigators from the NCA watched as the car arrived during the early hours of 7 December.

Qureshi and Khan, 35, left the scene but were arrested later that morning as they drove through Luton and the Jaguar was seized by police who visited the garage forecourt.

Specialist Border Force search officers found 316 packages of heroin with a total weight of 230kg stuffed into the bumpers, wheel arches, dashboard, central console, spare wheel compartment, engine and back seats of the Jaguar.

If cut and sold, the drugs would have had an estimated street value of £37.2m, police said.

After the hearing, NCA branch commander David Norris said: These men were part of an international crime group planning to import hundreds of kilos of high-purity heroin to the UK.

It was a quite remarkable smuggling attempt. The car in which the drugs were hidden had virtually every spare bit of space filled with heroin. Crucial parts of the vehicle, like electrics, had been removed to create more room.

But NCA investigators were one step ahead and managed to prevent these harmful drugs making it on to the streets.

Qureshi was jailed for 21 years and Khan was given an 18-year sentence after being found guilty of conspiracies to import and supply heroin.

Another man, Mohammed Safder, 45, from East Ham, east London, was found not guilty of the same offences.

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