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A dog which was put down after launching a fatal attack on a six-month-old baby was an illegal American pit bull, police have said.

Northamptonshire Police also issued a statement from relatives of the baby girl, who paid tribute to the infant as a little princess whose death had left them devastated.

The baby, who has still not been named by police, was pronounced dead last Friday after being attacked by the pit bull at an address in Daventry.

Speaking at a press conference in Northampton, Chief Inspector Tom Thompson said the victim s life had been tragically taken away in the most horrific of circumstances.

The officer, the District Commander for Daventry, told reporters: The baby girl was confirmed dead shortly after the attack at her mother s home in Morning Star Road on the Timken estate.

At the time of the attack, she was being cared for by her maternal grandmother who suffered bite injuries attempting to protect the baby.

The dog was destroyed by vets at the scene.

Subsequently a post-mortem was carried out at the Royal Veterinary College with the assistance of dog legislation officers from this force and elsewhere.

This was done to determine the breed of the dog responsible for the fatal attack

We can reveal the outcome of that post mortem has shown the dog was an American pit bull, a prohibited breed under the 1991 Dangerous Dogs Act.

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