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Northern Ireland s Chief Constable has said he remains deeply concerned about the police s financial outlook in spite of a £100 million emergency loan the Stormont Executive has secured from the Treasury.

The cash-strapped Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) is set to be one of the main beneficiaries of the money Executive ministers have drawn from the National Reserve to alleviate the administration s budget crisis.

The Department of Justice has been handed almost £30 million of additional funds as a consequence of what was essentially a refinancing deal struck by Sinn Fein and the Democratic Unionists, with the PSNI set to receive a large chunk of that allocation.

Chief Constable George Hamilton, who had been facing the prospect of cutting his spending by £50 million in the next six months, said he was not sure how much extra the PSNI would now get but said he welcomed any alleviation of that pressure.

However, he warned that the PSNI was still facing annual cuts next year of 10%-15% and warned that even more reductions could now be required in 2015/16 in order to pay off the £30 million credit card bill .

I said policing would be unrecognisable next year where we were looking at 10%-15% cuts, he said.

My understanding is that hasn t changed. Of course I welcome any alleviation that comes from the £30 million going to (the Department of) Justice. This is only an announcement last night so I don t know what the implications are for the police budget, but clearly one of the pressures was dealing with the magnitude of the cuts in-year - if there is some alleviation to that pressure, that s welcome.

But we still have a very challenging time ahead of us. My understanding is this extra £30 million will have to be paid back next year. We are already advised that there will be between a 10% to 15% cut next year plus presumably paying off the credit card bill of the £30 million from this year.

So I am still deeply concerned. But I welcome any relief of the pressure we are currently facing.

Mr Hamilton responded to the agreement struck by the DUP and Sinn Fein at Stormont - in the face of opposition from the Ulster Unionists, SDLP and Alliance - as he inspected the first new wave of police recruits to enter the ranks of the PSNI in three years.

Thirty-six new PSNI officers and two Harbour Police officers were on parade at the police s training college in east Belfast after going through five weeks of intensive training.

The Chief Constable has already warned that, while the current wave of recruitment is proceeding as planned, another planned drive next January has been halted due to the budget pressures.

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