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Emmerdale actress Emma Atkins has revealed how she stayed chained up in between takes while filming her new kidnap storyline.

Charity Macey recently narrowly escaped death at the hands of husband Declan (Jason Merrells) and is lying low from the rest of the village after all her lies have been exposed.

So no one notices when she is hit over the head and taken hostage, and kept chained up in a shipping container by an unknown captor.

Emma revealed she tried to put herself in the mindset of a prisoner to make the scenes as real as possible.

She said: You want to take yourself to the most truthful situation you can, to be able to act with a sense of authenticity. Obviously I knew that I wasn t really locked in a shipping container, so you ve just got to let your imagination take over.

In between takes, the first assistant director would offer to unchain me so that I could go for a walk, but I decided that it would be more fitting if I stayed where I was. The more uncomfortable I felt, the more I felt like I was really in that situation.

Charity thought she had killed Declan, but though he is missing, when she is kidnapped she starts to think he must be her captor.

Emma revealed: Charity is terrified that it s Declan. What she went through at the cottage has made her realise that Declan is absolutely dead set on finishing her off. Charity thinks that it s game over - it s the end of the road and she s going to die. It s terrifying for her. She s screaming out to Declan as she hears noises and assumes it s him but there s no answer. She s being completely terrorised.

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