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Chris Tarrant has blasted police sex crime investigations into entertainment stars, saying things have got out of hand .

The former Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? host hit out after his friend Dr Neil Fox, the 53-year-old Magic FM DJ, was arrested and bailed earlier this month over alleged sex offences against two women.

Tarrant, 68, told the Mail on Sunday it was appalling that all of this is done in the full glare of the public and media and also questioned the televised raid on the home of singer Sir Cliff Richard.

Asked whether he ever worried about his own situation, he told the paper: I don t think anyone in this industry hasn t.

He told the paper: Things have got out of hand. The spectacle of Cliff Richard was outrageous. What has happened to innocent till proven guilty?

There is this instant naming and shaming and a long list from Jimmy Tarbuck to Jim Davidson, Michael Le Vell and William Roache who are eventually vindicated but at a huge cost financially, emotionally, personally.

Dave Lee Travis went to trial twice and ended up effectively with a slap on the wrists, but the real price is the devastation.

Tarrant has returned to work after suffering a stroke during a passenger flight in March.

He was returning to London from filming in Bangkok and was taken to London s Charing Cross Hospital after it landed.

He told the MoS how he had always disliked Jimmy Savile, branding him a lech and creep who did not mix in the matey scene with fellow DJs.

He said that Savile, since outed as one of the UK s most prolific paedophiles, once licked the arm of his Tiswas co-host Sally James.

He told the paper: I remember Kenny Everett telling me things about him but at the time I just didn t like him and I thought he was a lech. He was a creep.

Most DJs are mates, it s a very social occupation, I remember he d always walk right past you, not say hello and he d go straight over to the girls.

It would be: Sally James, when are we going to lunch? and he d lick her arm. It was horrible, but even then no one would have had a clue of the depths of his vileness.

There are no words for it.

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