3820 40th Avenue, Cottage City, Maryland 20722

         Impounded Vehicle Policy and Procedures


If your vehicle has been impounded because of a parking violation, because it was disabled in a traffic accident, or for any other reasons, it is important to retriveve the vehicle as soon as possible to avoid a daily ( and costly ) impound lot storage charges. Vehicles impounded by the Cottage City Police Department are towed and stored by McDonalds Towing Service, 2917 52nd Avenue, Hyattsville, MD 20781. Telephone 301-864-4133

Before a vehicle can be released from the impounded lot, a VEHICLE RELEASE must be obtained from the Cottage City Police Department. A vehicle release is an official department form which authorizes the towing company to turn the vehicle over to it's rightful owner, after all the towing and storage charges have been paid.

To obtain a Vehicle Release you must be the Registered Owner of the vehicle or have a valid Power of Attorney, and you must have Valid Identification. Vehicles Releases can only be obtained from the Cottage City Police Department located at: 3820 40th Avenue, Cottage City , Maryland 20722 from 9a -5p, Monday - Friday only.

The Vehicle Release fee is $75.00 in Cash and Money Order No Personnal Checks shall be accepted. Please note that this fee is in addition to the towing and storage charges from McDonalds Towing Service.

If you have any questions, Call 301-927-9225